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HELD ON 21st June 2005

 Location: BCS SIGIST as a break out meeting, London.


1. Attendance.



Graham Thomas,, Stuart Reid, Margaret Edney, Lawrance Titterton, Don Mills, Geoff Thompson.

Apologies Julian Harty


 Stuart Reid


2. Membership of the group

                        Don Mills and Geoff Thompson have joined the working party to work on the BS7925-1 Glossary update.
Julian Harty has agreed to contact Mark Sproson and Mark Ferguson about their interest in becoming authors for the working party.

GT – Graham to send instructions on how to subscribe and use the forum to the new members of the group.
GT – Graham to contact the web master to have the new members added to the forum membership list.
SR – Stuart will pass contact details for the proposed new members to Julian.
JH – Julian to Contact Mark Sproson and Mark Ferguson about becoming authoring members of the group.

3. Funding Proposal

Following the last meeting Graham produced a funding proposal which Stuart took to the BCS SIGiST committee.  The proposal was accepted and the BCS SIGiST committee has agreed to provide up to £3k of funding in the first year to support the development of domain/technique examples. Upon completion of each domain/technique example the authors will receive £200. Regular updates will be provided to the BCS SIGiST detailing how their sponsorship money for technique writing is being allocated and spent

3. Progress - Workload

    The aim of pursuing funding is to gain a level of commitment from the authoring group to the production of the domain/technique examples. To achieve this pairing groups were agreed. The next step is to develop a plan for the year ahead.

GT – Graham to confirm with existing members of the group which domain/technique example they are currently working on.
LT&GT –Lawrance and Graham to pair on Interoperability.
GT&SR – Graham and Stuart to pair on Conversion.
ME&LT – Margaret and Lawrance to pair on Procedure.
SR&JH – Stuart and Julian to agree a domain/technique example to pair work on.
GT – Graham to develop and maintain a domain/technique example authoring plan.

4. Glossary

    Stuart is currently working on a proposal to update BS7925-1 to be presented to the BSI during early July.  Geoff Thompson has joined the working party to work on the glossary update.  Don Mills also volunteered to become involved in the glossary update work.

SR – Stuart to contact Erik Van Veenendaal and invite him to participate in the BS7925-1 Glossary update activity.
SR – Stuart to create a proposal to update BS7925-1/-2 and distribute for review to Erik Van Veenendaal, Geoff Thompson, Don Mills and Graham Thomas.
SR – Stuart to pursue funding from BSI for the BS7925-1 (Glossary) update.
SR – Stuart to circulate the Glossary updates from Erik Van Veenendaal for review to Geoff, Don and Graham.
DM – Don to look at technology to enable multiple versions of the glossary to be reviewed and developed.
GT – Graham to propose a database design to support multiple reviews.
GTh – Geoff to contact Erik Van Veenendaal to obtain the latest version of his glossary work as input to the review.

5. AOB

    Stuart reported that there had been a request for a student area on the Standards Working Party web-site  The meeting was unsure what the benefit of this area would be so decided not to take the suggestion forward.

6. Date of Next Meeting

                          The next meeting is proposed for 20th September at the BCS SIGiST meeting.