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The Testing Standards Working Party

Welcome to the home of the Testing Standards Working Party, sponsored by the BCS SIGiST (British Computer Society Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing).

Who We Are

The Testing Standards Working Party is a volunteer group devoted to the development of new software testing standards.  The group was previously responsible for the production of the British Standards, BS 7925-1 Vocabulary of terms in software testing, and BS 7925-2 Software component testing, both of  which were published in August 1998.


The Testing Standards Working Party is currently undertaking a number of activities, for instance,

bullet developing techniques and examples for non-functional testing.
bulletwriting formal definitions of techniques.
bulletdefining (or redefining) testing terms for the Glossary.

As a member of the Testing Standards Working Party, or simply as a person with a passion for testing, you are invited to review the work published on the site.  Reviews are performed across the web, and occasionally at formal review meetings.

The working practices of the Testing Standards Working Party have recently changed.  For details of the working practices and how to get involved as a Reviewer or a Contributor visit the Working Practices page.

A record of substantial changes made to the material on the website can be found on the changes page, which shows when material was changed, the author of the changed material and who provided comments on the changed material..


This site contains:

bulletA current 'living' Glossary of Testing Terms
bulletDetails of BS 7925-1 Vocabulary of terms in software testing
bulletDetails of the BS 7925-2 Software component testing standard
bulletDefinitions and examples of non-functional testing techniques
bulletMaterial for review and discussion by and within the Testing community
bulletInformation on other testing standards  
bulletLinks to other sources of information on software testing.



Many thanks to Gerrard Consulting for hosting this web site and the SWP Forum.



Material may be copied from this website if the source is acknowledged.