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Non-Func. Testing

Non-Functional Testing


A meeting of the BCS Specialist Interest Group on Software Testing was held in September 1998.  This meeting agreed that existing testing standards did not cover the area of the testing of non-functional attributes of software systems.  The SIGIST formed a working party to develop this standard, which addresses the quality of testing in this area. 

This standard contains formal definitions and guidelines of techniques for testing the non-functional attributes of software systems, as well as examples of their use.  It enables users to improve the quality of their software testing and thus the quality of their software products.

Examples of the application of the definitions can be accessed directly via the domain-technique matrix.

Different non-functional testing techniques are applicable for different levels of testing.  The relationship between techniques and testing phases is shown in the applicability through the SDLC matrix.

The standard can be used in the context of both the “Inspections and testing” provisions of BS EN ISO 9001 and the “Software coding and testing” provisions of BS ISO/IEC 12207.


The objective of this Standard is to enable the measurement and comparison of the testing of non-functional attributes of software systems.  This will enable users of this Standard to directly improve the quality of their software testing, and improve the quality of their software products.

 Intended audience

The target audience for this Standard includes:

bullettesters and software developers;
bulletmanagers of testers and software developers;
bulletprocurers of software products or products containing software;
bullettechnical support staff;
bulletquality assurance managers and personnel;
bulletacademic researchers, lecturers, and students;
bulletdevelopers of related standards.

Items posted for review

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Getting involved

To get involved visit the Working Practices page which contains all of the information which you need to know or contact the Working Party through the Feedback Form.   Current items for review can be found on the Latest News page.  Changes to the definitions, guidelines or examples for non-functional testing are detailed on the changes page.

Review Process

Along with new Working Practices we have also developed a new Review Process.  For details go to the Review Process page.