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HELD ON 20th September 2005

 Location: BCS SIGIST as a break out meeting, London.


1. Attendance.



Graham Thomas,, Stuart Reid, Margaret Edney, Lawrance Titterton, Don Mills, Geoff Thompson.

Apologies Julian Harty


 Stuart Reid


2. Previous Minutes

                        The meeting highlighted the following errata in the previous meeting minutes:
- Add apologies from JH.
- Remove Richard Neeve from the meeting list.
- That Don Mills had joined the working party to work on the Glossary Update.
- To add an explicit note about the 200 per technique payment.
- To provide regular updates to the BCS SIGiST detailing how their sponsorship money for technique writing is being allocated and spent.

And reviewed the outstanding actions:
- GT to chase up forum access for the new members.
- SR to follow up on new members for the working party.
- GT to confirm the work pairings.
- All to continue with work in our pairings.

3. Progress - Workload

    The following progress items were reported:

    - The BS7925-1 update proposal has been conditionally accepted by the BSI. - - BS7925-2 has been confirmed as a standard for the next 5 years.
- Lawrance has e-mailed a draft version of the Interoperability technique for GT to review.

4. Glossary

    The meeting discussed the mechanics of group working to review, propose changes, and update the revised glossary. Key points of discussion were around:
- access to an existing tool which would make group working easier
- the possibilities of constructing our own tool to get the work started

The following actions were proposed:

SR To see if the group can obtain access to a knowledge management system.
SR To investigate applicable BSI standards for generating glossary material.
GT To build a prototype database in S Access.
DM To create a 1 page checklist based on BS0 to address quality control for terms and entries.
SR To investigate resource to merge together current glossary sources as a start point for the review activity.
DM to review price and availability of tools.
GT to write a proposal paper for the purchase of a tool if a suitable candidate is found.

5. AOB

    Lawrance asked if there was any news for the website.

6. Date of Next Meeting

                          The next meeting is proposed for 9th December at the BCS SIGiST meeting.