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Installability Testing


Installability testing shall use a model of the Installability requirements.  The Installability requirements shall be specified in terms of the Installation process (as described in the installation manual or guidelines), the people who will carry out the installation, the target platform(s) and the software/system to be installed.


Test cases shall be designed to exercise the Installability of the system under specified conditions. 

Techniques used to design the installability tests include the techniques described in the procedure testing section and usability testing sections of this standard, together with formal test design techniques described in BS7925-2, such as branch testing and boundary value analysis.

For each test case, the following shall be specified:

          The start/entry state

          Which installability requirement is being tested

          The actions and inputs

          The expected outcome


Installability testing shall be measured as the percentage exercised of the total specified Installability Requirements.